here are some nostalgic graphic designs i did in the nineties... when all was so exciting and when the internet was just at the brink of being born... at least from my point of view.

Robo-Saviour. Bryce, Fotoshop, Colgate in Thai.

the GOOD side.

the BAD side.

My Hand.

T-ACHE in the 90ies.

T-ACHE in the 90ies & The Hand.

T-ACHE in the 90ies - doin' it double.

aus der serie: religiöse albträume 1b




bondmov: phang-na bay, thailand

ampelgame: try to go from A to B


lola vor feuer:

animation made in POSER 1995 by t-ache

(kommt noch)



those gifs are responsive (different devices, different sizes):

the logo means colgate in thai... but it's mirrored.

same same but different here.

waiter, there's some bryce-stuff in my eye.

alien sperm.

original eye. (Ausschnitt aus einem Passfoto)





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