Don't worry!

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D O N ' T   W O R R Y !   ( f i r s t   e x e r c i s e s   c o n c l u d e d )  :

well, this wasn't my best moment. my take on happy rock 'n' roll. very traditional in structure. not very well executed. and the piano was a bit out of tune… but that's ok… ;) ... abit long though... bt that'ok too... ;)

the lyrics are kind of funny because they try to take away some of the harshness and heavyness of the other tracks. but not very successfully i guess… too much sarcasm for that…

if you like this type of music you could quite possibly maybe like marmelade;)


Don't worry! (first exercises concluded)

well, i've had enough of pointing the finger at you
those are only songs and not bound to be true
yeah, this world is mean and this world is cold
but if you think too much you are fast growing old
so don't worry - it's going to be alright

life is a big masquerade - a big, big game
life is sad, it sometimes feels like rain
but no matter if you think about it again and again
our blue ball keeps rolling on all the same
so, don't worry - tonight - it's going to be alright

words and music: © T-ACHE 1990