First Exercises

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T-ACHE First Exercises, Album Cover, camera obscura

to listen click a song above - to read open a song below. — Spieldauer: 70 min 19 s.

side A

01. Love is gone 4.22
02. St. George & the Dragon 4.43
03. My favourite Marmalade 5.09
04. Nowhere Man 3.15
05. At the Station (state of mind) 7.17
06. Nice little World 6.07

side B

07. The Big Masquerade 8.17
08. Rain 7.02
09. Rats! 5.03
10. Boredom 5.15
11. Don't worry (first exercises concluded) 5.02

bonus tracks:

12. Cold 6.30
13. Experiment #36 2.11


das war mein erstes tape 1990. damals war ich 20 jahre alt... here's some detailed info on the making of FIRST EXERCISES.


T-ACHE First Exercises, Album Cover, backside, camera obscura

T-ACHE First Exercises, Album Cover, page 2, camera obscura

T-ACHE First Exercises, Album Cover, page 3, camera obscuraInk-Jet-Prints of the original cover.

original liner notes:

Alle Instrumente und Stimmen by T-ACHE:
Acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars, electric guitars, acoustic and electric piano, synthesizer, harmonica, congas and bongos, synth-basses and synth-drums vom M1 Sequenzer.
Noch kein Kompi im Spiel.

Gitarre auf Experiment #36 by Markus Gringer
Frau vom Marmeladenmann by Mägi Achermann
Zug und Publikum Love is gone / Masquerade ab Geräusch-Platten

Aufgenommen auf einem Fostex 4-Spur Gerät

Camera Obscura-Bilder: 70 Minuten ruhig vor der Ovi-Büchse ausharren für ein Portrait.

© T-ACHE-Recordings 1990


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