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T-ACHE's soundtrack zum Glattvideo, Album Cover

30 minute soundtrack for an experimental video which was made with a camera attached to a remote-control-driven car, cruising around on the vast marble floors of the mall and sometimes between the legs of the shoppers and passers by in the GLATT shopping-centre in wallisellen.

the video und it's soundtrack were part of an art-installation and photo exhibition by the art-collective the Akuefers, happening also in the GLATT shopping-centre in 1995. long live biosphäre3! alex - linda-oli & crew! :)
final mixdown: 23.07.1995

main.synth : Juno 106 -- thumb-kick- & git-samples : Akai S700 -- synth & FX : Korg M1 -- perkussioné: Roland R8 -- midi : Steinbergs Cubase -- EXT Effektgerät --- (plus t-ache : git, electronic noise, thumb & voices for samples...)
also audible when faded in, is the original audio from the video. namely people in the shopping-centre as well as the screech of the car's engine.
contains a sample from hector zazou's album chansons des mers froids (or songs from the cold seas) © 1995

© T-ACHE Recordings 1995

G L A T T  -  S O U N D T R A C K  :

this was my first technoid track. and the longest... it's instrumental. sort of ambient-techno. quite sparse. i like the electronic crackling (ab 08:20), the zazou-sample (ab 13:18) and the ending with the flange-drum (ab 27:40) ... enjoy! :)

Spieldauer: 31 min 24 s


T-ACHE's Soundtrack zum Glattvideo, Album Cover

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