here come some specially customized T-ACHE-playlists: (some are still under construction...)



Playlist 1:  S P A C E

some of the more otherworldly stuff... (incl. special edits of the re-in-car-nation and information overflow pt.2 ... soon to come)



Playlist 2:  B E S T   S O N G S

all the best songs. as of opinion 2014...



Playlist 3:  I N S T R U M E N T A L S

containing some unfinished and unreleased instrumental stuff, which is nowhere else to be found. unfinished yet. not to be found...



Playlist 4:  C H R O N O

everything i ever finished in chronological order. from the late 80ies up to the present day... (time xx:xx) see also timeline



Playlist 5:  T H E   B A L L A D S

contains, as the title may implies, some of the softer stuff... also included are some songs from Yans World, which i worked on as well... plus iN-Der-t-a-t's Just a Moment.



Playlist 6:  T H E   R O C K E R S

containing, well, ehm... the rockers... also included are some songs from iN-Der-t-a-t 's BeetleScream...