St. George & the Dragon

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T O T O ' s    S T .  G E O R G E   &   T H E   D R A G O N  :

this coverversion was the first song i recorded on my newly aquired fostex 4-track-tape-recorder back in august 1989. i started with programming the drum- and bass-patterns on my KORG M1, which i had just been able to buy after working in a cable-factory during my school-holidays.
a coverversion is a good way to get to know how things can be done and it's more easy if you don't have to concentrate on the composition since you can fully focus on the technical aspects of the creative process.

the lyrics tell the story of the mighty warrior Saint George who is brave enough to slay the evil dragon HYDRA who has kidnaped the princess. of course he wins and gets rewarded with the girl... ;)

the vocals don't sound like they're coming from a mighty dragon-slayer... but that's ok... it was just an exercise... ;)


words and music: David Paich / TOTO, © 1979
all instruments played and sung by T-ACHE, recorded 1989