Love is gone

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L O V E   I S   G O N E  :

my very first self-written song! I was 19 years old. the second song to be recorded on my new fostex 4-track-tape-recorder.
done in two parts: part 1 is all live playing and contains no programming. part 2 has the drums programmed. and the bass, i guess...

line 5 (of 11) is borrowed from peter gabriel... (han ebä na ä ziile brucht... aber das hani spöter nie meh gmacht..., ehrlich... :) ...)


Love is gone

you're sitting there - staring a hole in the air
asking me - asking me why

i don't know what to say - i don't want to hurt you
you say, you'd start again

i don't know how to stop - i hate to see your pain
but love is gone - love is gone

so you get yourself a one-way-ticket to nowhere
hoping you don't see me there

and you're trying to get your mind off your sorrow
hoping things will look a bit better tomorrow

oh tomorrow… oh oh oh...

words and music: © T-ACHE 1989